There’s nothing like getting a new perm – which admittedly smells better than perms smelled years ago – and hearing from the men you dance with that you smell like Fritos. FRITOS! Oh well; my hair is curly again at least – and I danced with a some really handsome fellas – so they can say whatever they want to say!
What a BLAST we had dancing this past weekend!  The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performed at both nights of the Rodeo at the Sears Centre, and their performances were stellar!  It was very exciting to be part of that event and watch the group strut their stuff.  And you’ve got to admit, there’s nothing like men in jeans, boots, and cowboy hats…so now you know how much I enjoyed the show!!!  The Dance Team will be hosting AUDITIONS TONIGHT in the side ballroom of Cadillac Ranch (on the Moretti’s side) from 5:30 – 7:00 pm for any of you who would like to join us.  Bring your dancing shoes, and let’s go!
I usually teach at Cadillac Ranch on Friday nights, and Nancy Corbige was gracious enough to sub for me – thanks, Nancy!  And our Saturday Warrenville dance was manned by all the intermediate dancers, especailly “The Girls” – who brought me with them!  That’s Jan On A Stick, proving that it is indeed possible to be in two places at once.  Thanks also go out to Gary LaForte for teaching the lessons at the Warrenville dance.
If you would like to improve your dancing QUICKLY, spend this Sunday at Cadillac Ranch for THREE HOURS of training.  I’ll be teaching 4 challenging line dances (Fake ID, Roll With The Wind, Moves Like Jagger, & Backstreet Attitude) and Julie & Don will be teaching Nightclub, Two Step, & West Coast Swing.  Beginner lines & couples will also be offered by DTLD (Cowgirls’ Twist, Cowboy Boogie, & Hillbilly Bone), Larry (Partner Pattern), and Randy (West Coast Swing), respectively.  For $35, you’ll receive 3 hours of lessons, dancing at the Sunday Stampede from 6 – 11 pm to practice what you learned, an all you can eat buffet, and 2 drinks!  Such a deal!!
I will see you on the dance floor!
Janet Kruse

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