It’s almost the weekend…here’s hoping we don’t get snowed (or rained) out again!  I’m looking forward to dancing the nights away, as usual.  This Saturday, we’ll be at a new venue:  Overtime Bar & Grill (801 E. Roosevelt Rd., Lombard – on the south side of the street next to Century Tile & across from Popeye’s Chicken).  Here’s the story…

The manager at OT wanted to entertain his customers, who were packing the house for dinner & then leaving.  He arranged for a country line dance night, complete with instructor & DJ, and promoted it for the last month…and then the instructor & DJ cancelled.  The nerve!  I got a call, so Jeff & I went to visit, and found………………..CARPETING!  It’s not too bad, though; it’s indoor/outdoor flat, smooth carpeting that we could still move on in leather soles (but leave your suede soled shoes at home!!).  We felt bad for the manager so we agreed to run the show, as he’d heard that some regular customers were planning on attending to see what this country thing is all about.  He did offer to lay a dance floor over the carpeting; if this goes well, that’s definitely a possibility.

Game to try this place out?  It’s not huge and there’s no room for couples dancing, but it’s cozy (the pool tables will be moved out of the way; we’ll be dancing where they are shown in the picture) and you’ll be able to eat, drink, and dance from 8 pm – midnight with NO COVER CHARGE.  Jeff & Courtney will be there by 7:45 to get things rolling and lead dances.  I’ll be there about 8:45, after my Saturday classes are over; all the lessons will be EASY ones, to get brand new dancers on the floor.  Of course, Jeff will play your requests too – gotta show off, you know!!

Parking is in the front or around the back (go to the far east side of the lot for access, and you’ll be entering through the wooden door on the far west of the building).  Hope to dance with you tomorrow at the Ranch for Pontoon & Whiskey Girl, and Saturday at Overtime Bar & Grill in Lombard for a whole slew of dances!!  And don’t forget the Sunday Stampede at the Ranch with DJ Dave!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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