I can be pretty open minded (sometimes…it can happen) and I have a decent collection of dance shoes…but I admit Deb wins this round. Whether she’s dancing in class or at a bar, she’ll be in shoes like these – hence her nickname, “Spike”. I couldn’t walk in these, much less dance in them – could you?

The most common question I am asked is, “Where do I get dance shoes?” The best place is at a dance convention, and you’re in luck! A new event is coming to town in two weeks, and every style of dance shoe will be available for you to try on. While you’re there checking out their shoes, stay for some workshops & open dancing! I’ll be teaching 5 classes: Intro to Line Dancing Steps, Raincheck/Pieces, All You Need Is Me, Fake ID, & Sweet Revenge (partner pattern). Dozens of other classes & instructors will also be featured – don’t miss it! Visit www.Danzapalooza.com for more details, and make sure to use the code, “JANET” when you register.

I’m off to see my daughter graduate from college, so no classes tomorrow! We’ll resume on Monday, hopefully minus a giant bumblebee. Feel free to dance in the shoes of your choice….these or whatever others you grab from your closet. I can’t wait to see which ones stylish Spike will wear next!

See you on the dance floor,

Janet Kruse

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