Thank you for joining in couples dance class!  I’m excited to see so many of you seeing what this couples dancing thing is all about!  It sure is fun, isn’t it??  I hope to continue seeing you more as time goes on; I run classes year-round.  You can also find me teaching at the various locations by checking out the teaching schedule or by joining me at one of the dances I host.

Just to remind you, step sheets & review videos of dances taught (and others) can be found on, under the Members Only tab.  I’ll be loading what dances we do each week on each individual class day so if you miss a class you can check that specific class & see what dance(s) I taught.  That particular info is on the Teaching Schedule, at the BOTTOM of the page – click on the exact day, date, and class in the calendar – as well as on the Calendar tab.  You can then look the dances up on the Members Only page and view a video and look at the step sheet.  This is most applicable to the Couples Patterns classes, but is good information to know in general.

You will receive your password in class.  Please make a note of it and feel free to visit the site often.  The password IS case sensitive. Your participation in class entitles you to access to this information from now on.  Enjoy, and thank you again for dancing with me!

Double Two
East Coast Swing
Patterns 1
Two Step

Also – I encourage you to visit my Facebook page,, and “LIKE” my page.  You’ll find lots of videos and information there, too.  My personal page is listed under “Janet Gorman Kruse”.  (I do try to friend-request people who’ve taken my classes, but if you have a common name, it’s tough to find you…so feel free to find me!)

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse