Since today is December 30th, this COULD be my last 2019 email to you…but, one never knows.  I’m glad to be able to re-start the clock with a new year yet again, and relieved to put the negative experiences of 2019 behind me.  I’m also surprised to look back on the year with gratitude and affection for the lessons I learned.  What an unexpected experience!

Just four QUICK items of note:

  1. Our BRIDGE Dance at the Wheaton Community Center yesterday (our second Sunday afternoon dance) was even MORE well attended than the first.  I had no idea this time slot would appeal to so many of you, so we’ll be doing it again every month.  Our next one will be Sunday January 12, 2020, from 2-5 pm
  2. I’m offering a make up or drop in intermediate class tonight from 5:30 – 7 pm at the Mary Lubko Center, 208 W. Union, in Wheaton.  We’ll be reviewing the new dances that were taught over the last month, so if you’re a little foggy on them, I’ll see you there
  3. My next instructor training session will be March 14-15 at my home in West Chicago, from 10-5 each day.  If you’ve been thinking about stepping up into an instructor’s role, NOW is the time to train with me in person.  You can register at 
  4. 2021’s ALASKA Cruise is June 4-11.  Let’s get your cabin set, so you can start saving for it!  How’s 17 months’ notice help your budget?  I’ll let you know more (like the land tour part, which will follow the cruise) as I work out more details.  For now, you can print and complete a registration form at

Thank you for your time, and your presence dancing with me!  I love our time together.  Till we meet again on the dance floor, Happy New Year!  I’ll be enjoying it with my daughter Jessa in Louisville, and I hope you have a safe and FUN celebration!

Love ya!