I’ll say it again (and again & again) – you’ll meet people in this dancing community who will become your lifelong friends!  And then you will have close friends with whom to dance.  Wouldn’t it be sweet to be able to coordinate who was going where without a group conversation via text, Facebook, or email?Rob Ryan thought it might be easier to do just that via a web calendar, so he created one via Google/gmail.  He has provided guidance on how to use it – check it out and let us know what you think!


Please copy/paste the following information into a plain text or Word document for future reference. Clicking the links from within the email may cause you to be logged out.

First, the link to our calendar (copy/paste the address into a new browser):

Second, the Log-in information:
Email address/sign-in ID:  linedanceschedule@gmail.com
Password: thanks2jan (must all be lower case)

Full instructions for using the calendar can be located here once you log-in:

Frequently Asked Questions related to the calendar can be found here:


I am certain using this calendar will make it more fun for you to go out “on the town” with the friends you have made in the dancing community. Enjoy, and don’t forget Boot Camp this Sunday in Warrenville (starting at 2 pm, not the 3 pm I mentioned earlier; my apologies!) and our upcoming new sessions of lines on Wednesdays (Wheaton) & Saturdays (Geneva). Also, Partner Pattern classes return to Warrenville this Thursday; singles are welcome!See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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