It’s Toe-Tapping Tuesday!!  I’m finally able to see straight after 3 1/2 solid days & nights of dancing over this past weekend.  At 8:00 last night I started nodding off – unbelievable.   But I can’t wait to share these new dances with you!!!!  We’ve got some GOOD STUFF coming up (a few hard ones, and LOTS of easy ones)!

Eight of us performed Cathy & Courtney’s dance, Back In Your Arms again, for the choreography competition, and while they didn’t win, they did very well for their first dance ever choreographed!  And BOY did they get the bug; you should’ve seen the gleam in Cathy’s eye when she reviewed the judges’ comments.  She said, “Well!  Now we know what to work on for next year!”  You go, girls!!  We are so proud of them; it was so exciting to be part of a group who all got together to perform their dance!!!!  I’ve attached a picture of us just for fun (that’s Jackie, me, Courtney, Peggy, Tall Liz, Rosemary, Cathy, & Dawn) .  Great color shirts, huh?

Tonight we’ll be dancing at Cadillac Ranch enjoying LADIES’ NIGHT (no cover charge for us gals) with 2 line dance lessons – and Gary will be starting his 4 weeks of Cha Cha in Warrenville (scroll down for details – next Monday starts Two Step in Wheaton, for those of you who’ve been asking).  Show up and DANCE at either place – or both; Cha Cha from 7:15 – 8:30 and then run to the Ranch to practice what you’ve learned!

And for your Chuckle of the Day, enjoy this video (this is one dedicated pet owner!!):

Janet Kruse

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