I'm sure you've heard the encouraging line, "Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone" from some well wisher who is pushing you to do more and be more.  And I don't disagree with that…exactly.  Because I know where mine is, and I really don't mind being in it – life is predictable and safe there.  But we were meant for more – like the saying goes:
"A Ship In A Harbor Is Safe, But That's Not What Ships Are Built For"   


Here I am with Jason Barnes, trying to show off as much facial hair as he is (I failed),  By the way, I'm standing on a step, and Jason still towers above me.  Jason is just one of the fabulous, out of this world instructors I was privileged to encounter this past week at the UCWDC World Championships convention I attended with the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team (and other friends) in Nashville, TN…and I am EXTREMELY intimidated by all of them – including Jason!  It was TOTALLY outside my comfort zone to be within 20 feet of him, much less ask him for a picture.  But I obviously did it.
Cathy from the Dance Team provided my "AHA" moment of the week when she said, "We grow or die."  How true.  It's not a matter of wanting to stay inside our safe spots, or being daring enough to leave the nest, or choosing to be content with the status quo.  We need to realize that in life, we have a choice to stay where we are and stagnate, or get on with growing. It's as simple as that…no "push" needed!
All that (and said multiple ways) to encourage you to do what must be done in this year, and to embrace it…and thus get out of your comfort zone.  You can start with registering for that dance class you keep promising yourself you will take! Classes resume this week for Holmstad and Salvation Army, and the week of January 13th for the rest.  Check out the Teaching Schedule page of my website for the details!!
See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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