The Weekend Is Here!  My favorite time!  Dance, dance dance – some benefits of the kids being away at college.  Although my younger daughter Katie graduates this May (you’re all invited for her party on Memorial Day!!), so all that extra time available may change a bit…but I’ll deal with that when it happens.  Worrying about it now is a waste of precious energy!

I’m seeing a LOT of new line dancers on the dance floor recently, and that’s so exciting!  But they ALL apologize for being new and not “getting it”.  When I tell them that it takes a while for the brain to grasp all this new material, and to relax; it will come, they shake their heads at me like I don’t understand.  I do understand, and I even know what they’re thinking –
  • What are my feet doing?
  • Am I going to bump into someone?
  • WHAT did you say?
  • There’s a BEAT?  Where?
  • How did it start?
  • Will this song never end?
  • Do I look stupid?  (AKA, is that gorgeous man over there watching me make a fool of myself?)
  • You want me to remember WHAT?

We changed walls, OH NO!!  WHERE AM I????? 
Take heart; it will get better.  Like I said, it takes a while for your brain to grasp all this material!  People don’t become outstanding line dancers overnight.  It takes, on average, dancing three times a week for six months to feel comfortable.  If you aren’t dancing that often, adjust that timetable accordingly.  And yes, there is some sense to all of this!
Chuck has been taking line dance lessons with me for a year now, and he has beautifully summarized the “sense” in line dancing.  Spend a few moments listening to what he has to say, won’t you?

Stay tuned for next week’s video from me on what those “standard” steps are!
I’ll be at Cadillac Ranch tonight teaching Ooh Aah & D.H.S.S. and at Warrenville tomorrow teaching Pontoon & Thunderfoot.  See you on the dance floor!
Janet Kruse

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