Without a doubt, change is difficult.  Inevitable, but hard to handle.  We just get used to something, and then life shifts.  It affects each of us differently.  The good news is, change prevents boredom.  It also provides us with a personal challenge:  How do we handle it?  Will it make us or break us?  What kind of a person will we become through it?

Back when I worked for a closet organization company, my boss handed me a book called Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.  I was told it was required reading and not to sweat it; it wouldn't take that long.  Like a good little girl I read the book…and then read it again to my daughters one night before bed.  What a bedtime story!  It only took 45 minutes to get through, but the discussion it generated over the next few weeks took much longer.

I can't say enough encouraging words about this little gem!  Goodwill usually has at least one copy on their shelves for $1.79 because people are foolish enough to discard it.  Did I say FOOLISH?  Yes I did!  The author has created a parable that is simple to understand and profound in its application to EVERYONE.  It is impossible for anyone with half a brain to NOT be moved to self-improvement after reading this book.

The story revolves around Hem and Haw, two mice in a maze.  Daily they visit their pile of yummy cheese to feast; they know exactly where it is and how to get there.  Life is good and predictable.  One day…THE CHEESE IS GONE!!!  Who moved their cheese?  Why, and when, and most importantly:  WHEN WILL IT BE RETURNED?  And how much will they Hem and Haw over its loss?  

Here's the kicker:  WHAT WILL THEY DO WHILE IT'S GONE???

We all have life situations where our cheese is moved.  Daily we decide how much WE will hem and haw over its relocation.  How do YOU handle situations like that?  Grab a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? and help yourself decide.

If you'd like to dance TONIGHT, I'll see you at the West Chicago VFW at 7 pm!  Tomorrow we'll return to FERMILAB!


  • Thursdays at the Wheaton VFW have been lightly attended. I'll run a dance there on 9/29 but that will probably be the last Thursday.  Thanks for trying that night!  TOMORROW we're back at FERMILAB!  Visit the Upcoming Events for a full list of dance venues
  • The next Warrenville Line Dance Workshop is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, from 3 – 5:15
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    • I’ll be teaching a difficult intermediate line dance lesson BEFORE the dances on Tuesdays from now on for an extra $3.  I’ll teach AMERICAN POP at the Elgin VFW on 9/27, and the next two Tuesdays after that will be DEVIL IN ME
    • Need an INTERMEDIATE 1 class?  I teach a drop-in one at the Wheaton VFW preceding the Thursday dance from 5:30 – 6:45 ($7)
  • AND…The 3rd Annual Dance With Janet CRUISE is preparing to sail!  ALL fees paid are fully refundable until 11/20/16book before 10/10 to take advantage of the group rate, which can’t be matched ANYWHERE.  Published rates are for two people per cabin; if you need a roommate, please let me know and I’ll match you up with someone FABULOUS within the dance community, as quite a few people are traveling alone.  Get the full scoop at

Love ya!

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