Happy Monday to you!!  Let’s all celebrate another week to live…and dance!  The weekend’s over and we’re back to work, but we can still play…like tonight; we’re dancing at the Salvation Army from 6:30 – 9:30.  We have a slight change in the schedule: I’ll be teaching COWBOY STROLL at 7:15 (line dance done to the El Paso Stroll couples dance song, San Antonio Stroll) and GIDDY ON UP at 8:15 (a rockin’ country dance first introduced by Anita Garcia at Cadillac Ranch – time to bring it back!!). We will NOT be teaching the Stationary Cha Cha tonight; something came up in Gary’s schedule.  We do apologize; and hope no one is heartbroken…it’ll return later!

Speaking of dances, you can expect to hear these Dirty Dozen lines played at every dance we host:  Tush Push, Watermelon Crawl, Slapping Leather, Skip, Waltz Across Texas, County Line Cha Cha, Thunderfoot, Cruisin’, Reggae Cowboy, Baby Likes to Rock It, Electric Slide, & Boot Scootin’ Boogie.  These are the most popular line dances in the Chicagoland area, and therefore are the staples/standards.  I’m covering them in my classes to make sure we’re all familiar with ALL of them.  Feel free to review any of these with my videos on my website.  Of course we’ll play your requests – we love it how you’re filling those sheets up at every dance!  Keep up the good work; these dances are for YOU and we will play what you want to hear to make sure you are ENJOYING yourselves!  Couples dancers are of course WELCOME, always!!  If you hear a line dance called that makes you want to break into, say, a Double Two – indulde yourself, and go for it!

We will also play four couples pattern dances at every dance from now on:

  • Sweetheart Schottische (line dancers can dance Cut A Rug in the middle)
  • Stationary Cha Cha (can be danced as a single or couples dance)
  • Shadow (line dancers can dance Back In Your Arms Again in the middle)
  • El Paso Stroll (I’m teaching COWBOY STROLL to the line dancers so they have an option for this dance)

Why?  Line dancing is very popular, yet couples dances are a vital part of the country culture too.  A great way to start dancing couples is to learn a few pattern dances.  These four are the most popular in our area, so once you learn them, you’ll be able to dance them at every venue you visit.  We encourage couples and line dancers to dance at the same time to songs they enoy.  Which leads us to an important point to consider…


Those who are dancing the dance that is called have the right of way.  For example, if Waltz Across Texas is called and couples dance a waltz around the perimeter, the line dancers have the right of way, so the couples should take extra care as they navigate around the room to not bump into the line dancers.  Conversely, if Sweetheart Schottische is called and line dancers do Cut A Rug in the middle, the couples dancers have the right of way, so the burden of not bumping into anyone is on the line dancers.  We should certainly all practice Defensive Dancing anyway, as we dance in our own space and try to avoid collisions.  Sharing the dance floor is the goal!  When we all follow these guidelines, we all have a rockin’ good time – and no problems.

Enjoy dancing the night away!!  See you soon.

Janet Kruse

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