So you wanna boogie, do you?  Donning the right pair of shoes will definitely help make your night out unforgettable.  If you’ve been dancing for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed that street shoes do not good dancing shoes make.  *>:P phbbbbt  Tennis shoes tend to stick to the floor and a rotation on the ball of your foot is nigh impossible without twisting your ankle or knee.  Rotating on the ball of your foot is the name of the game here.

I suggest you purchase a pair of shoes which you ONLY use while dancing.  Suede-soled shoes are the best and are NEVER to be worn outside.  On a good day suede-soled shoes can be found for $25 but will overall run between $50 – $100.  The best place to shop for shoes is at a dance convention, where a shoe vendor provides hundreds of shoes from which to choose, some at 50% off the regular price.  Shopping for shoes does not require admission to the convention.  Dance boots, sneakers, closed toe and open toe, high & low heels, Cuban, as well as various men’s styles are available.  The next local convention is DANCE CAMP (website with info) on February 27 – March 1 in Elmhurst (this is a couples ONLY event).  Otherwise, Kay Clay in Westmont or Naperville has a decent starter selection of shoes to try on.

Other options for dance shoes are leather-soled shoes (#2 on the list of dance-friendly) and vinyl-soled shoes (#3).  If you change into dance shoes before dancing, you reduce the amount of outside debris that gets tracked onto the dance floor.  The “cheater” way of making the ball of your foot smooth, so you can turn (which is the goal) is to use dance socks (pictured above) or – ready? – gluing a piece of felt on the ball of a shoe you like but want to use only for dancing.

Try as you look for shoes.  Enter my Teacher Referral Code, TP43699, to get 10% off your first order.  I also like  They too have a large selection of anything dance related.

Happy shopping, and I’ll see you on the dance floor!  We dance every Tuesday & Friday at Cadillac Ranch as well as in Warrenville THIS SATURDAY 1/17 and NEXT SUNDAY 1/25.

Janet Kruse

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