Standing:  Jamie, Chuck, Sherri, Linda, Blonde Janet, Karen T., Karen M.
Kneeling:  Michael, Courtney, Janet, Maureen

Thank you so much, everyone, for playing so hard with us this past weekend!  Whew!  The folks pictured above came out this past Thursday afternoon to perform for the seniors through the Carol Stream Park District, and were a smashing success!  Chuck & I did our “Laurel & Hardy” shtick during the teaching of Rita’s Waltz, and the audience was thoroughly entertained.  Your time is so appreciated…I am so grateful for these friends that I’ve made in this dancing community.  I am so blessed with you in my life!

Friday and Saturday’s lessons at the Ranch went well; thank you for your support!  I brushed up on my East Coast Swing, myself…hope you did too!  We had a ball in Warrenville on Sunday with about 85 dancers kicking up their heels; take a look at Fun in Warrenville.

As Thanksgiving nears, I am reminded how much more I should pause and count my blessings.  Sometimes it’s so easy for me to focus on the difficulties in my life, instead of the areas that are going well – and there are many!  Of course people are problematic, but they are also the key to the greatest joys.  Relationships make the world go ’round; we were created to be in community.  Thank you for being in MY community, in this “bubble” that is my life.  You have taught me so much, and enriched my life experiences in countless ways.  Hey – if I weren’t dancing with you, I’d be sitting on the couch!  Sound familiar?  I would be lost without you!!

I urge you to take these next couple of days with your friends and family and sincerely reflect on how good life is, problems and all.  We are ALL so blessed!!  Classes will not meet from Wednesday through Saturday in observance of this time we call Thanksgiving; I’ll see you again starting Monday December 1st, with the following exceptions:

  • Monday’s Windsor Park class is taking December off and will resume JANUARY 5
  • Thursday’s Warrenville Beginner class is taking December off and will resume JANUARY 8
  • Friday’s lessons at Cadillac Ranch on 11/28 have been CANCELLED, but the Ranch will still be open at 7 pm for dancing
  • Friday’s St. Charles Intermediate class has been moved to the BATAVIA MOOSE HALL at10:30 am for December 5, 12, & 19th, and then will move to Thursdays from 1 – 2:15 pm starting JANUARY 8

Please make a note of these changes if they affect you.  Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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