Welcome to The Christmas Rush on this chilly Thursday!

My daughter Jessica preached her first sermon this past Sunday as part of her internship with a local church in Louisville, KY (she was fabulous, by the way).  She discussed the Christmas madness that is now upon us, and tied that into the Mary & Martha story – specifically, how Martha was buzzing around the home making preparations, and Mary was spending quiet time listening to Jesus – despite possibly feeling guilty that she was letting her sister Martha do all the work.  I was struck by the fact that it was a very real possiblity that I would soon be caught up in frantic preparations for the next month (not unlike Martha), and not take time to recharge with God or friends.  Seems that the key is BALANCE…not my strong suit, I admit.  Jessa reminded me that I’ll have to plan this next month to do the Christmas “chores”, but also be still and spend quiet time alone, planning life and listening to the Lord.  How else will I hear Him speak?  I encourage you to do the same during this holiday season.

Dancing is always a recharging time for me, even though I have to think…because I also get to sing along with the songs (yikes!!!  and count, too???  Well, I try!) and spend time with all the wonderful people I’ve met in this unbelievably enjoyable hobby I’ve discovered – that’s YOU, by the way.  Where else can you get a group of people together and laugh, talk, and get a great workout?  We’ve got lots of opportunities this weekend to do just that – Cadillac Ranch all weekend (and FAMILY DAYS there from 2-5:30 pm on Sunday) as well as the event I’m MOST looking forward to, a BIRTHDAY PARTY DANCE…for Dorothy, a dancer who just turned 90!  Yes, 90!!!!!  How often do you get to celebrate that???  Holy cow…please join us at the Warrenville Community Building THIS SATURDAY 12/1, 3S240 Warren Avenue in Warrenville, from 7-10 pm to celebrate!  Cover is just $5; we’ll have cake, and Jeff will be DJ’ing (and Batavia Road is open at Butterfield Road again).  I’ll be teaching CHRISTMAS WALTZ at 7:30 & NOT YET at 8:30 (to Michael Buble’s song, Haven’t Met You Yet– sigh).  Our Christmas Dance will be at the same location in 2 weeks, on December 15th.  See you then!

Oh – and before I forget – YES, I have an opinion on WOMEN dancing (men too, but that’s next week).  Take a look at this short video, and pop over to my Facebook page to let me know what you think!

Helpful Dancing Hints – For Women Only: 


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