Have you ever noticed how people seem to be like their friends?  I've recently become more and more aware of this fact.  Like attracts like, as Diamond Caryn loves to say, and she's so right!  We are how we are, and we attract those who are like us.

Are you frustrated with the problems in your life?  Do they seem to control you?  Take a look at your friends.  I'll bet they think the same way.  If, when you socialize, you find yourself complaining about your lot in life and how unfair things are, I'm sure your companions sing that song just as loudly.  Your gatherings are great big Pity Parties.  People feed off each other's behavior.  Misery loves company, and if you are miserable, you will attract people who also are miserable.  Is this really what you want, and WHO you want to be?

Perhaps you're "one of those people" who love to talk about others.  Get-togethers with your friends are one big National Enquirer meeting.  She said, he said, can you believe what they did, didn't she look like a cow in that outfit, etc.  My friends, that's called gossip, no matter how we may try to dress it up.  I'll guarantee you are known as a Drama Queen or King, with good reason.  Talking about people is a surefire way to cause drama (aka interpersonal problems) and is THE most unsuccessful way of winning friends and positively influencing people.  Dale Carnegie would certainly shake his finger at you.

Conversely, what if you are coming from a place of mental and emotional stability, balance, and peace?  Guess who you will hang around with – other healthy people.  Folks who genuinely enjoy each other's company, who know how to roll with life's punches, can laugh together but not at anyone's expense, share common interests, and who look for SOLUTIONS instead of problems.  Talk about uplifting!  Sign me up for a group like that!!  

Since like attracts like, if you want to be part of a healthy culture, you need to be a healthy person.  Resources abound:  self-help books, audios, lectures, seminars, and videos are available in person, online, or through a library, coming from whatever bent you prefer.  But YOU need to make the effort to learn and DO what needs to be done to improve yourself.  No one is going to do it for you.  "The Ex" once told me I read too much.  BAH!  Impossible.  The opportunities for growth are endless. Now THAT's exciting!! 


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Have an OUTSTANDING day!  You are loved!

Love ya!

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