Even in this life of privilege we lead, it’s so easy to want more.  Since life IS problems (and the constant challenge is to solve and grow through them), we tend to focus our energies on them instead of on the positive things in life.  We think everything will be better if we get a bigger car or house, or a better job, or resolve this or that issue.  And it might.  But are we living where we are?  Are we enjoying the things we have?  Are we appreciating the situations we are already in, even if they are not perfect?  An attitude of gratitude is what increases personal peace.  That and dancing, of course. *;) winking

In the “What’s New?” Department:

  • We will be performing American Kids at Hubble Middle School (3s600 Herrick Rd Warrenville, IL 60555at 1:00 pm this SATURDAY (tomorrow) in the Auditorium.  Meet there at 12:45 if you would like to dance!  Please wear your Dance With Janet shirt or any other solid color shirt, and blue jeans.
  • Warrenville’s 5 pm SATURDAY class has been moved to 4 pm for THIS SATURDAY ONLY
  • We dance TONIGHT at Cadillac Ranch from 7 – 3 am (I’ll be teaching Sunshine & Whiskey, DHSS, and Wagon Wheel) starting at 7:30 and SUNDAY in Warrenville

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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