I was listening to Marisa Peer, and she was relating a story about a client who “had everything”, yet was miserable.  She said, “You don’t think you’re enough, do you?”  And bingo; that was it.  Success notwithstanding, her client did not believe he was enough (defined as ADEQUATE or SUFFICIENT).  No matter how much he had or did, nothing filled the gaping hole inside him.  Aren’t we all like that?  No matter how well life goes – or how badly – if we don’t think we are enough, we are conflicted and not at peace.  But the truth is, as Marisa says, YOU ARE ENOUGH.  And I am enough.  God made us, and He loves us just the way we are, faults and all.  We just have to accept that truth.

We are never going to have everything.  That’s impossible.  We can, however, learn to be content with what we have – because we are enough, right now.  Since we’re never going to be perfect, the trick is to learn to accept ourselves as we are and try to live morally, honorably, and ethically.  It’s not that we are “good people”, but that we are “OK” because we are made in the image of God, and He loves us!  Yet another reason to be kind and respectful to each other.  We are ALL enough!

As your weekend begins, remember this truth!  God loves you, and so do I. 🙂

Dance Details:

  • I teach at Cadillac Ranch (www.cadranch.com) on TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS.  TONIGHT, FRIDAY 2/5, I’ll be teaching BLOW ME A KISS, HILLBILLY BONE, & JAN LIKES TO BOOGIE (why yes, I do!). Doors open at 7 and we’ll start lessons at 7:30, with a $3 cover charge.  Cadillac Ranch is no longer presenting live bands on Fridays.  TUESDAY 2/9, lessons will be DOUBLE D at 7:30 & IN THE BASEMENT at 8:30.  See you there!!
  • Our next Warrenville Dances are SATURDAY, February 6th (7-10 pm) & SUNDAY, February 14th – VALENTINE’S DAY!! – (6-9 pm), at the Warrenville Community Building, 3S240 Warren Ave.  Saturday’s dance will be all lines; couples are always welcome to dance around the perimeter ($5 cover includes 2 line dance lessons, at 7:30 & 8:30; you’re welcome to bring snacks).  Dance alternating sets of Couples and Lines at Sunday Nite Country on the 14th ($5 admission; dinner served from 5:30 – 7 for $5)
  • Monday’s Hanover Park class will not meet on February 15th
  • Warrenville’s Saturday 5 pm class will meet for the last time on 4/9/16.  If you have any unused punches on your punch card, please use them up before then, as this class at this time will no longer be offered after 4/9
  • Have you “LIKED” my Dance With Janet Facebook page, along with the THOUSANDS who have?  Pop on over to www.facebook.com/ dancewithjanet and click the “LIKE” button to keep up on what’s new!  All the photos from dances are posted to my Facebook page.
  • The Dance With Janet Cruise is SOLD OUT.  Call Harlan at 630-334-4646 if you’d still like to attend. He may be able to secure a cabin for you, but it will be at the going rate
    • Special parking rates at Midway can be found at www.parkrideflyusa.com (AAA members receive an extra 10% off with coupon code AAA10, with their membership number)
    • During the week of the cruise (2/19 – 2/27), NONE OF MY CLASSES WILL MEET, and my daughter Kat will teach for me at Cadillac Ranch.
  • Swing ‘n’ Country is presenting DANCE CAMP CHICAGO 2/26 – 2/28, which is a couples dance convention featuring workshops, competition, social dancing, and SHOES (no admission ticket required to shop).  Details can be found at www.dancecampchicago.com
  • The next DANCE WORKSHOP (aka Boot Camp) is scheduled for MARCH 13.  I’ll be teaching line dances, and Gary will be teaching couples classes. Mark your calendars!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse