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Everyone loves music!  Are you one of those who itches to MOVE to the music?  If you are, you can head to a dance studio to learn how to dance, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Social dancing is more relaxed.  While all dancing has choreographed steps, line dancing is unique in that you can dance without a partner.  It’s a pattern of steps that’s repeated throughout the course of an entire song, and yes, there are different dances to different songs.  If you get bored easily, check out line dancing!  In the Dance With Janet community we dance about 200 line dances.  You won’t be bored!

Sometimes people learn to line dances in bars.  Here you’ll find classes outside of clubs if you prefer to give your footwork a bit more attention.  Classes are small groups ranging from 6 – 36 people.  Your instructors will spend time with you to make sure you are comfortable.  In the process you will not only learn to dance, but you’ll build friendships with your fellow dancers that can last a LIFETIME!

Did you know we teach line dancing at private events, too? We’ve provided the line dance instruction at the McDonald’s, Havi Global Solutions, Veolia Environmental Services, MAEOPP, & Liberty Mutual Insurance corporate parties, to name a few.  Please contact us if you’d be interested in dance instruction at your personal or corporate gathering; it’s a great way to get people moving and spice up the party!

And, with Dance With Janet, you can practice what you’ve learned in class in an actual dance environment.  To see when and where our next dances are, visit the Upcoming Events Page Cover is $10; feel free to bring your own munchies.  Water & soft drinks (and adult beverages, if we are at a VFW or American Legion) are for sale.  We would love to dance with you!


Missed a class?  No worries. Catch up by clicking on the class you missed to see what dances were taught that day (usually added to the calendar within 24 hours).

For information on how to register visit the Teaching Schedule page and click on the class level you prefer.

To register for virtual classes visit the Virtual page.