What’s It Like To Dance With Janet?

We dance every Tuesday night for 3 hours, from 7 – 10 pm.  We are usually at the Wheaton VFW (0N731 Papworth St, Wheaton 60187), except for the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Check the appropriate schedule (see below) to see where we are on the 4th Tuesday, as it may be changing.  Tuesday are ALL REQUESTS Nights. We’ll have a list of dances to  help you remember what you know; just mark of which dances you want to do.  Included in your $7 cover are 2 line dance lessons (beginner at 7:30 & intermediate at 8:30).  Drinks are available at the bar at very reasonable prices.

Our weekend dances are usually BRIDGE Dances*.  Four line dance lessons will be taught from 7 – 7:45 pm and we’ll review them during the rest of the dance and play your requests as well.  We dance Country PLUS, which means half of the music is country and the other half is a mixture of pop, rock and anything else!  We encourage lines AND couples dancing at all dances, but call mostly lines.  All ages are welcome; please bring your parent if you can’t drive yourself.  Minors are allowed at all our dances, but of course they are not allowed in the actual bar portion of the VFWs.  Admission is complimentary for those guests 12 and under, and $7 for those 13 and older.  Locations will vary so check the calendar to see where we are each weekend.

I’ll bet you’ll know a lot of the dances we’ll be dancing. Visit the Dances We’re Learning – Beginner and the Dances We’re Learning – Intermediate pages for a complete list of dances…which includes, of course, YOUR REQUESTS!!  Check it out!


Sunday Nite Country

DJ Jeff hosts Sunday Nite Country at the Warrenville Park District (3S240 Warren Ave, Warrenville 60555), which is a night of classic country music.  He alternate sets of couples and line dances.  $10 admission includes all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, & dessert, and loads of dancing.  Dinner will be served from 5:30 – 6:30 and open dancing runs from 6 – 9.  Visit warrenvilleparks.org for the exact dates.



Where To Dance With Janet

(Click On The Address For A Map)

Download The February Schedule Here
Download The March Schedule Here – COMING SOON!
$7 Admission; All Dances Include 2 Line Dance Lessons (7:30 pm & 8:30 pm)

  • 3rd FRIDAYS *BRIDGE DANCE* (See Exceptions Below) 7 – 10 pm – $7
  • 4th SATURDAYS (See Dates Below)  7 – 10 pm – $7 

Are you looking for review videos and step sheets of the dances that have been taught at a Dance With Janet event?  Visit dancewithjanet.com/products to purchase your password for yearly access to the videos & step sheets.



We are BRIDGING the gap between the classroom and the real world! Schedule will be:

7:00 – 7:45: I’ll be teaching various BEGINNER 1 line dance lessons – PERFECT for those who are new to line dancing!

7:45 – 8:45: BEGINNER 1 (B1) line dances will be called, with an intermediate dance every 4th song to give you a break! The Beginner 1 dances will INCLUDE split floor songs where the easier dance is a B1 level dance. For instance, Dizzy & Mamma Maria would be played during this hour, because Mamma Maria is a B1 level dance.

8:45 – 10:00: We’ll have “regular” open dancing, which includes split floor songs where the easier dance is a Beginner 2 (B2) level dance. For instance, Coconut Water & Tush Push would be played during this hour, because Tush Push is a B2 level dance.



What People Have Said:

“We had a great fun time dancing with you and your dancers yesterday evening.  If you have the desire or opportunity to come to CT , it will be a pleasure to see you again.” ~Nicole and Jacques C.



Upcoming Dance Conventions & Workshops

  • 2018 Ft. Wayne Dance For All – March 1st – 4th, 2018 – Fort Wayne, IN – visit website
  • Dance Across The Seas – June 16th – 23rd, 2018 – Seattle, WA – visit website
  • 2019 Dance With Janet Cruise – March 1st – 10th, 2019 – Miami, FL – visit website – Janet Is Teaching Here!


Just Play – May 17, 2014


Last Updated: February 8, 2018



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  1. Looking forward to Dec. 2 at the Sand Bar.
    My students would love to dance
    1. K Step Boogie
    2. Rita’s Waltz
    3. Lindi Shuffle
    They loved these dances at the last Sand Bar dance.

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