I’ve listed by level the dances we’ve been working on in the various classes.  This may assist you as you place yourself in the class that suits you best.  For example, if you want to learn Jackhammer Stomp, that’s taught in the Beginner 2 class – so register for that class, & let me know of your interest in that particular dance.  I’ll be choosing dances from this list in each class.


Beginner 1


Dance Which DVD?
A Little Less Traveled
A Little Sweet
Ah Si! Volume 1
All About That Bass Volume 3
Bang Bang EZ Volume 3
Bartender Volume 3
Beer Money (Dream Weavin’)
Best Of The Little Things
Billy Be Bad Volume 2
Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp Volume 3
Boot Scootin’ Boogie Volume 1
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Bumpy Road EZ
Can You 2 Step
Can’t Stop The Dance EZ
Canadian Stomp Volume 2
Charleston Cowboy Volume 2
Cotton Eyed Joe Volume 3
Country As Can Be Volume 2
Country Walkin’ Volume 3
Cowboy Boogie Volume 2
Cowboy Rhythm Jr.
Cowboy Rhythm Mixer Volume 3
Cowboy Up Volume 1
Cowgirl’s Twist Volume 1
Coyote Cha Cha
Cupid Shuffle Volume 1
Cut A Rug Volume 1
DC Stroll (Southside Shuffle – contra) Volume 2
Disco Funk
Don’t Look Good Naked Volume 3
Dream Weavin’ (Beer Money)
Drink My Way Out
Easy Moves Like Jagger Volume 2
Electric Horseman Volume 1
Electric Slide Volume 1
Everything Easy Volume 2
EZ Bomp (The Bomp EZ)
Fools In Love
Funky Cowboy
Funky Slide Volume 3
Galway Gathering
Georgia Peach
Ghost Train
Go Go Stomp
Good Girl Volume 1
Good Morning Volume 1
Gravity Is A B!tch Volume 3
How Long
I Like Beer Volume 2
I Love A Rainy Night Volume 2
In The Basement
It Happens (Sugar Kane) Volume 1
Jan Loves To Boogie Volume 2
K Step Boogie Volume 1
Kerosene Volume 1
Lindi Shuffle Volume 3
Little Rumba Volume 3
Love, JoAnn Volume 2
Love Never Felt So Good Volume 3
Love Repeats Volume 2
Lynn’s Mixer
Mamma Maria Volume 1
Marry You
Mom AB (Mom, The Bomb EZ)
Monster Mash
Mustang Sally (EMS) Volume 2
Never Been (To Spain EZ)
New York, New York
One In A Million
One Margarita Away
One Step Forward Volume 2
Only In America
Pick A Bale Volume 3
Purple People Eater
Red Hot Salsa
Rita’s Waltz Volume 3
Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel Volume 1
Santa Claus Boogie
Scoot Volume 1
Scuffletown Rock
September Trolls
Shake It Up
Shut Up & Dance EZ Volume 3
Sleazy Slide Volume 1
South Side Shake
Southside Shuffle (DC Stroll –  contra) Volume 2
Stupid Dance Volume 2
Sugar Kane (It Happens) Volume 1
The Bomp EZ (EZ Bomp)
This Life
Tricky Tricky
Try Everything
Two Step
Victory Lines Volume 1
We Are Tonight Volume 3
Wobble Volume 2


Beginner 2

Dance Which DVD?
Alabama Pines
All Over The Road
American Kids Volume 3
Ants Dance
Baby Likes To Rock It Volume 1
Baby Sister (Soul Sister)
Back In The Day
Blue Ain’t Your Color
Blue Night Cha Volume 3
Blurred Lines Volume 3
Bump-N-Grind Volume 3
Burnin It (Neon Light) Volume 3
Can’t Be A Fool
Cherry Bomb Volume 2
Chica Boom Boom
Cliche Baby
Come Dance With Me Volume 2
Cool Can Koozie
Cooler Than Me
Country Loud
County Line Cha Cha Volume 1
County Road 44
Crank It Up (Going Hamm) Volume 3
Crash and Burn
Cruisin’ Volume 1
Crushin’ It
D.H.S.S. Volume 2
Dance With Me Tonight
Don’t It Volume 3
Double XL Volume 2
Down On The Corner Volume 2
Drinkin’ Beer
Driving In My Car
Earthquake Volume 1
Empty Pockets
Every Little Thing
Everybody 1, 2, 3, 4
Follow Me
God Blessed Texas
Going Hamm (Crank It Up) Volume 3
Good Time Volume 1
Hard Working People
Having A Ball
Hillbilly Bone Volume 1
Hold On To… (Sangria) Volume 3
Holler Back
Holly Jolly
Honey I’m Good Volume 3
Hooked On Country Volume 2
I Brake For Brunettes Volume 2
I Love Me Most
I’m A Tornado Volume 2
I’m Yours Volume 3
Island Song Volume 2
It’s Black, It’s White
I Want Crazy
Jackhammer Stomp Volume 1
Jo ‘N Jo Tango Volume 2
Kool Dance Volume 1
Lil Yeller Blanket Volume 2
Little Red Book
Make Me Wanna Volume 3
Mi Papito
Misbehavin’ Tonight
Mood Ring
Moonshine In The Trunk
My T-Shirt EZ
Neon Light (Burnin It) Volume 3
Not Yet Volume 2
One Of These Nights
Party At My Place
Red Solo Scuff Volume 3
Reggae Cowboy Volume 1
Rockin’ Robin
Sangria (Hold On To…) Volume 3
Shot For Shot
Skip Volume 1
Slappin’ Leather Volume 1
Soul Sister (Baby Sister)
Southern Voice
Stationary Cha Cha Volume 1
Stroll Along Cha Cha
Sun Daze Volume 3
Swamp Thang Volume 1
Swingin’ Home For Christmas
Tango With The Sheriff Volume 2
The Clyde
This & That
Thunderfoot Volume 1
Tush Push Volume 1
Uptown Funky Volume 3
Volare Volume 2
Waltz Across Texas Volume 1
Wanna Do Over
Watermelon Crawl Volume 1
West Coast Thang Volume 3
When I’m Dancing
Whiskey Girl Volume 2
Whitehorse (contra) Volume 2
Witchcraft Volume 3
You Look Good In My Shirt Volume 3
You Might Like It
You’re So Lucky

Last Updated: March 30, 2017