The Dance With Janet Dance Calendar includes all scheduled events, and is regularly updated.

Missed a class?  No worries. Catch up by clicking on the class you missed to see what dances were taught that day.



The Dance With Janet Performance Calendar includes all scheduled performances, and is regularly updated.


2017 Performance Dances

In order to perform in the 2016 shows you will need to wear a Dance With Janet shirt. We would like to present a unified front at performances. Please fill out the form below to order a shirt.  Thank you for being a part of the Dance With Janet Community.  Pat will mail you your shirt once it is completed.

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Songs and Dances For Performances:

  • Can’t Stop The Feeling – So Just Dance, Dance, Dance & Can’t Stop The Dance
  • The Fighter – Tush Push
  • Road Less Traveled – A Little Less Traveled
  • T-Shirt – My T-Shirt & My T-Shirt EZ
  • Flatliner – County Line Cha Cha
  • Redneck Woman – Skip
  • September – Ooh Aah & September Trolls


Songs and Dances For Parades:

  • Good Morning – Good Morning
  • Dancing In The Street – Mamma Maria
  • Try Everything – Lindi Shuffle
  • Shut Up and Dance – Shut Up and Dance
  • Cake By The Ocean – Mamma Maria
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling – Good Morning
  • Shake Your Groove Thing – Jan Loves To Boogie


Last Updated: June 1, 2017




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