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One of the best things about dancing on a performance team is dancing in a pool!  The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performed at Turtle Splash Water Park in West Chicago this past Sunday afternoon, and it was HOT, HOT, HOT…unless we were dancing in the water!  Even though summer's ending, it's still here enough that we had plenty of patrons joining us for the easy line dances like Cupid Shuffle (aka, Downtown Sudafed, LOL).  Thanks to the members of the dance team who spent their afternoon entertaining, and who have done so countless times this past season!!

The Dance With Janet Cruise special is ending soon too - ONLY 3 CABINS REMAIN at the introductory group rate pricing!  Complete and return your registration form to Janet BY SEPTEMBER 4 to save yourself a seat – it's gonna be fun!  I agreed to try the zip-lining offered on the ship…and I'm afraid of heights, too, did I mention that?  Nothing like coming clean on all my fears and admitting to being a scaredy cat.  This is going to be the trip to end them all…will you be there to witness it?  If you will, I must warn you that I've been told cell phone reception is spotty on the ocean, so incriminating photos of me will probably not show up instantly on your Facebook feed.  Thank God for small favors!!

Also, we will dance at Rancheros in Naperville again, but only on nights when there are no sports games.  Stay tuned for future dance dates!

Warrenville's All Levels Line Dance class of SATURDAY AUGUST 30 has been cancelled.  Please make a note of it if that is your regular class.

Don't forget to make plans to attend Rich Parrotte's memorial on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 5 at Cadillac Ranch between 6-7 pm.  It will be a healing time for all of us.

Lots to remember – I'll see you on the dance floor!  Enjoy your holiday weekend. icon smile Summers Ending...So Is The SPECIAL!!

Janet Kruse


Rich Memorial Time for Rich Parrotte


Jim Early from Cadillac Ranch (1175 W. Lake St. Bartlett, IL – www.cadranch.com) has graciously offered the use of the Ranch for a time for us to gather in remembrance of "Double Two" Rich Parrotte, at no charge.  When I contacted him telling him of Rich’s passing and how much it is affecting the Ranch community, he was quick to authorize this gift to Rich’s family and friends.  This will be a very helpful memorial time for all of us, especially Rich’s wife Marcia.  She is well aware of how special the Ranch was to Rich!  I know there are a lot of us who can’t wait to hug her; now we’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Rich’s memorial time will be on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, FROM 6-7 pm at Cadillac Ranch.  Pizza will be served, again, compliments of Mr. Early.  Please be sure to sign a thank you card to him, which will be available during that time.

Janet Kruse


Dance A Double Two…

August 26, 2014

Cadillac Ranch veteran Allen “Rich” Parrotte, aka “Double Two Rich”, has passed away.  Per his wife, Marcia: “Rich left us and is dancing on a Heavenly dance floor (which is not sticky with spilled drinks) late this afternoon - August 25th, 2014.  Rich was peaceful and slipped away quietly.  Just encouraging those who loved Rich to […]

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TWO WEEK Warning!!

August 22, 2014

Time is flying by!  We sail away on our cruise to the Western Caribbean in a little over five months (departure day is January 31st), but the PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS IN TWO WEEKS, ON SEPTEMBER 4TH!!!  September 4th will be here before we know it, so please take this warning to heart! At last count, SIX CABINS remain at this all-inclusive price […]

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Festival of the Horse & Drum

August 16, 2014

Today’s Dance With Janet show is at the Festival of the Horse & Drum at Kane County Fairgrounds (Festival of the Horse & Drum) from 5:45 – 6:30.  Please wear your Dance With Janet shirts & blue jeans/shorts/capris if possible.  Tell the gate attendants you are with the show and there will be no charge for you. […]

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More Changes…

August 13, 2014

Really?  MORE changes.  I keep reminding myself that God doesn't give me more than I can bear, and that being weak is OK, because He is strong and it's His strength that will get me through, not mine.  Good thing, that, because of all the celebrity passings, none has hit me like the loss of […]

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Update on RICH

August 11, 2014

Thank you all for your concern about “Double Two” Rich.  He is home now, and as stable as he can be, from what it sounds like.  I received this update from Rich’s wife Marcia on Friday evening, and I posted it as a follow up comment to the original posts on Facebook, but I realize that did […]

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Special URGENT Bulletin!

August 7, 2014

Dancers are their own community, and a very special one of our own is suddenly hospitalized and in need of prayers and encouragement.  “Double Two” Rich (in the maroon, on the left, with Gary) is a Cadillac Ranch Icon.  He has helped many new dancers feel comfortable on the floor, and is one of the […]

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It’s In The Air…

August 4, 2014

My favorite book of all time is Spencer Johnson’s, Who Moved My Cheese.  It’s a story of dealing with change.  I’ve read it to my daughters as a bedtime story in 45 minutes flat.  Change is in the air…it’s everywhere.  Look at this picture of me riding on the back of a motorcycle on the highway!  […]

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July 29, 2014

We did it!!!!! I’m so impressed that the “We have a dance team dress rehearsal” ruse worked this past Sunday! Lady Diana Wood was totally stunned when she walked in to rehearsal to shouts of, “SURPRISE!!” Di’s daughter Shawn coordinated the whole thing, and she did an incredible job. We were able to perform the dance […]

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