Pumpkins & Change

October 21, 2014

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I do love pumpkins; this is the perfect way to share them!  Aren’t they cute?  Just about as cute as I am after a week in my new place…not!  I returned from a weekend away to a dog (Maki moved from living in Louisville with Jessa to living with me) and a new home, both of which I like and am pleased with, but require adjustment.  I’m better at change than I used to be, but this past week was still challenging.  Thank you ALL for putting up with me as I struggled through.  The worst is over at least.  Now, onward.

Windy City Line Dance Mania over Columbus Day weekend was simply fabulous!  So many of my favorite people were there, and the fact that about 20 women got along for a whole weekend was a marvel in itself.  We danced, ate, shopped, danced, ate, gabbed, danced, ate…it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you SO much to all of you who were there with me!  We learned tons of new line dances and practiced learning a LOT of patterns, QUICKLY.  It was invaluable, and I have so much new material!  We’re going to have LOADS of fun this season; I can’t wait to share all these new dances with you!!

This weekend brings some new opportunities…

  • I’m teaching Driving In My Car, Reggae Cowboy, & Easy Moves Like Jagger at Cadillac Ranch this FRIDAY at 7:30, 8:30, & 9:30, respectively
  • SATURDAY I’ll be substituting for Julie/Don/Randy at Cadillac Ranch, and will be teaching Shadow, a couples’ pattern dance (no partner needed; we’ll partner up there)
  • BOOT CAMP is SUNDAY in Warrenville; I’ll be teaching Intro to Line Dancing (Technique) & Chill Factor, while Gary teaches Two Step & Double Two, & Estelle teaches kids’ dances (for details see the Facebook event); our Sunday Nite Country dance follows

Stop by one of these events and say “hi”!

By the way, another lovely dancing lady is looking for a roommate on The Dance With Janet Cruise; please drop me a line if you would like to join her – and us – for the Event of the Year!

See you on the dance floor,

Janet Kruse


It’s Finally Here!!!

October 9, 2014

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I’m so excited!! Today is the day for which I’ve waited all year, the day that Windy City Line Dance Mania begins! This is the most intense boot camp-type convention I go to all year long, and it’s also my annual weekend away with the (mostly) girls. Thank you, Marcia Parrotte, for introducing me to this – I’m hooked! Woohoo!!!

If you’re interested in attending some or part of the convention (and it is SERIOUS line dancing), you can find all the details at www.countryedge.com. Two dozen of us will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, and it’s a great place to shop for dance shoes if you are in the market (you may have to pay for parking, but be sure to tell the attendant you’re with the convention and have your ticket validated at the front desk for a reduced rate).  You’ll see all types of dance shoes and a gathering like this is the best place to try on a wide variety of styles.

Due to the convention, my classes are cancelled from Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening. Sunday Nite Country in Warrenville is still ON, & I will be there. My daughter Kate will cover for me at Cadillac Ranch on Friday; she’ll be teaching River Bank, Cherry Bomb, and Victory Line.  To reiterate: Thursday evening classes are cancelled as well as those that meet on Friday morning and Saturday evening.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and I will definitely see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse


One More Day!

September 29, 2014

September is over after tomorrow; where did the time go?  On Wednesday we begin the final quarter of 2014.  That means only ONE MORE DAY remains to take advantage of the second early bird tier of pricing for the DANCE PASS on the Dance With Janet Cruise!  Click here to grab your pass before the price goes up on October 1st.  Royal Caribbean has […]

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Meet Art Vos

September 25, 2014

Meet Art Vos, a classmate of mine since seventh grade.  I went to Timothy Christian Schools from fifth grade through high school, and it was a small enough school that everyone knew everyone.  My graduating class consisted of 100 students, so to an extent we grew up together, with varying degrees of closeness, of course.  […]

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Promises, Promises

September 19, 2014

Just recently I was told, “Promises are broken all time.”  My immediate thought was, “Not in my world.” I understand  that things go wrong, but I aim to be a responsible, dependable, person whose word can be trusted. Otherwise, what’s the point of talking or being in any kind of relationship at all? What good […]

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Now That’s Ludicrous

September 16, 2014

Someone told me just last week, “You’ve got it all together.” Now THAT is ludicrous! I immediately burst into disbelieving laughter. What was even funnier was that the person who said it should have known much, much better. I don’t have it all together. I’m playing this game of life as well as I can, […]

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Performances ‘R’ Us!

September 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  The happy people pictured above are (Standing L-R): Kelly, Blonde Janet, Joe, Sue, Marge, LaVada, Linda O., Leslie, Karen, Sherri, Linda W., Beth (Kneeling L-R): Janet, Kim, Michael.  They voted for their favorite performance group – Dance With Janet – and guess what??  We WON!!!  (Proceeds to be divided forthwith!!) Thank you all SO MUCH for attending […]

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TODAY Is The Day!

September 4, 2014

Our room lock expires TODAY for the Dance With Janet Cruise!  The good news is, we have filled the cabins in our room block! We are actually overbooked, so Harlan is going to see what he can do about adding more cabins. There’s still time to get in on this exciting trip!  Fill in the […]

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Recharged, Refreshed, & Renewed

September 2, 2014

Isn’t this a peaceful picture?  It’s not exactly my “happy place”, but it’s pretty close – it’s part of the coastline in Door County, WI.  I do know where my happy place is, though.  I heard of the concept of visualizing it, and I’ve got it.  I now know where to go in my mind to settle […]

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Summer’s Ending…So Is The SPECIAL!!

August 30, 2014

One of the best things about dancing on a performance team is dancing in a pool!  The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performed at Turtle Splash Water Park in West Chicago this past Sunday afternoon, and it was HOT, HOT, HOT…unless we were dancing in the water!  Even though summer's ending, it's still here enough that we had […]

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