All around the world – or at least in Itasca – there'll be dancing in the streets!  The photo above shows members of the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performing in the Swedish Days Parade in Geneva last year.  Dance With Janet dancers step out in the Itasca Memorial Day Parade in a little over 24 hours (the parade begins at 9:30 am) – come join us either in the performance, audience, or for ice cream afterwards!!  For details on this and other shows, visit  

I'm so excited to be sharing this opportunity to demonstrate line dancing to the local community.  People simply don't know what it is or that it's even out there until they see it.  If you know these dances (take a look at the Dance With Janet Facebook page for show playlist and a diagram of what the line up will look like), I hope you consider showing off; performing is a lot of fun and is also one of the best ways to meet fellow dancers.  You are part of a community now – enjoy it!!!  

  • Call is at 8 am ish with step off at 9:30
  • Wear COMFORTABLE shoes (tennies are recommended) and blue denim bottoms, any length, and your Dance With Janet shirts.  You won't be able to perform with us without a shirt (sorry about that but it would look dumb)
  • Park at the Itasca Community Library at Irving Park Rd (Rt. 19) & Catalpa, & walk up Catalpa for the meeting place
  • We'll be waiting to begin in a church parking lot, and bathrooms will be available in the church
  • Feel free to bring water to have on your person
  • I'll have flyers for you to hand out if you would like to do so

See you on the dance STREET!

Janet Kruse


It was recently pointed out to me that one never knows what kind of mood will be encountered when opening an email from me – which is an indisputable fact.  Rest assured, the Melancholy Monster is not in residence today.  On the contrary, I am in awe of the sheer delight I’ve seen in dancers this past week.  Everyone seems on the edge of giddiness (some have happily toppled into the Giddy Abyss).  What’s the deal; is it our excitement of spring’s arrival?  Regardless of the reason, I can’t stop smiling about it.  THANK YOU for spilling your sparkles onto me!!  I remember thinking years ago, if I could share dancing with people, they’d see how much fun it is and love it as much as I do.


We’ll get to dance an EXTRA HOUR at Cadillac Ranch on Fridays now, starting TONIGHT!  Doors open at 6, and I’ll start the first lesson at 6:30, with another at 7:30 and 8:30.  The full Moretti’s menu is available, so start your evening off with dinner, and then dance with the DJ for four hours!  DJ Dave will be there tonight & next week for sure.  The band, Rockstar Rodeo, takes the stage at 10:30.  Please note, this new schedule starts TODAY!!

Dance Details:

  • NEW DANCERS:  FIELD TRIPS are THIS WEEKEND!  Choose tonight at the Ranch or tomorrow in Warrenville
  • We dance in Warrenville on Saturday 5/16 from 7-10 (I’ll be teaching Neon Light at7:30 & Sweet Sweet Smile at 8:30) and Sunday 5/17 from 6-9
  • The next Saturday Warrenville dance is not until JULY 18th
  • Our first performance is MEMORIAL DAY in the Itasca parade.  I’ll treat to ice cream afterwards.  See (scroll down for the performance calendar) for details
  • Performance attire is Dance With Janet shirts and any shade of BLUE DENIM bottoms; your choice of shorts, capris, skirts, or pants/jeans.  I suggest tennis shoes, as dancing in boots on concrete/asphalt/blacktop is difficult for most people, but whatever footwear you prefer is fine

WOOHOO, let the fun begin!  I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse


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